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Lift Truck Chain Twin Falls

Lift Truck Chain Twin Falls - The city of Twin Falls, Idaho is the largest city in Twin Falls County. The population was just more than 44,000 according to the latest census in 2010, making it the biggest city within the Magic Valley area of Idaho. The city serves as a regional commercial center for both south-central Idaho and northeastern Nevada, as the biggest city within a 100 mile or 166 kilometer radius.

The city of Twin Falls is the main city within the ID Micropolitan Statistical Area, which officially includes Twin Falls and Jerome Counties. Moreover, Elko County, the resort community of Jackpot, Nevada is also considered to be a part of the greater Twin Falls region, even if unofficially.

As the state's 7th biggest city, the City of Twin Falls is the fastest growing city situated within South-Central Idaho. The unemployment within Twin Falls County stood at 9.5%. This figure came in under the state's average of 9.6%. The unemployment was steadily decreasing to a low of just below 2% from the year 1998 until the year 2007. As of the month of April 2011, the unemployment rate increased to nearly 9.5% in tandem with the economy of the entire country.

The majority of growth in Twin Falls has occurred during the last 20 years. Between the year 2006 till 2011, there has been an acceleration of growth although there are many that have been prominent members of the economy for decades.

The award winning cheese producer Glanbia Foods calls Twin Falls home. They are a major division of Glanbia plc. which is an Irish food company. As Twin Falls was one of the world's leading farming regions, with a huge concentration on agriculture, the company selected the city as an ideal choice. Another award winning food company, Falls Brand is situated in the southern part of Twin Falls. The Old Fashioned Basque Chorizo sausage of Falls Brands won the "Hold the Mustard" award given by the NMA or National Meat Association. Every year, they hold this annual contest the "NMA Annual Gourmet Sausagefest."

Among the biggest employers within the city is the College of Southern Idaho or CSI. This Junior College boasts a student population of approximately 3,433 students and is a famous option to those students who are not quite ready to attend a 4-year university. There are CSI residential halls available for those students who are going to school from out of state.

Several of the other large employers consist of Lamb Weston, which has a food processing plant situated within the western region of Twin Falls. They have yearly revenue of around $100 million per annum and employ no less than 500 residents. One more big employer consists of Amalgamated Sugar Company, which makes White Satin sugar.

The city of Twin Falls has gone through a rapid development and lots of retail stores have opened up in the city. This expansion has taken place between the year 2006 and 2011 despite a troubled national economy.

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