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Lift Truck Chain Waco

Lift Truck Chain Waco - The city of Waco, Texas is situated around 90 miles south of the Metropolis of Dallas and is just 100 miles north of Austin City. Waco City sits within the heart of Texas state's manufacturing and technology corridor and serves as the county seat of McKennan County. The city is located along Interstate I-35 with other highways, including U.S. Routes 77, 84 and the Texas State Highway 6, serving the area. Waco is also the origin of the soft drink Dr. Pepper.

Within the area, the original people were the Huaco Indians, that is where the city's name derived from. The small village of Waco did not look like a city until 1849, at which time the first streets were laid out by surveyor, George B. Erath. Waco City was incorporated in the year 1856 and quickly developed into a bustling railroad community. By the 1870's several railroad lines were established making the city of Waco a center of commerce for Texas state. During the year 1886, Baylor University merged with Waco University after relocating from Independence to Waco. By the 1900's, the city had become amongst the biggest cotton producers in the world.

The city of Waco was the site of a deadly shootout in 1993, that claimed ten lives. Of the ten deaths, 6 were members of the Branch Davidian cult and the other 4 were agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). The Davidian compound within Mt. Carmel was destroyed by a fire resulting from the 51-day standoff that ensued directly following the shooting.

Amongst the biggest municipal parks in the state of Texas is Waco's Cameron Park, which is a great place used for picnicking, hiking, and canoeing. There are many animal lovers that visit Cameron Park Zoo, which has a large natural-habitat zoo that houses many species from around the globe. In the center of downtown is RiverSquare Center that is an assortment of restored warehouses, among which date back to the early nineteen hundreds, that have been turned into shopping, restaurants and bars. Among the other exciting attractions which could be found within Waco are the Texas Sports Hall of Fame, which has several interactive exhibits covering all kinds of sports; Art Center Waco, that entertains kids of all ages with hands-on activities; and the Dr. Pepper Museum, which consists of a mock-up of the original drug store when the drink was first invented. Also located in the city of Waco is the Armstrong Browning Library, the Mayborn Museum Complex, Lake Waco, Homestead Heritage, Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas, Ranger Wing Of The Commemorative Air Force, the Waco suspension bridge and Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum.

A semi-pro football team, the Waco Thunder is housed within Waco. They are one of 32 teams that compete in the Texas United Football League. The Waco Wranglers, a professional minor league basketball team, are likewise one of the cities sports team. As part of the American Basketball Association in 2006-2007, the Waco Wranglers played their first season and joined the United Basketball Association during 2008.

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