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Lift Truck Chain Sunnyvale

Lift Truck Chain Sunnyvale - Situated in the San Francisco Bay Area situated just around an hour from the Pacific Ocean is the beautiful city of Sunnyvale. The setting of the area is pretty as it is very near California's well-known Redwood Forests, and Lake Tahoe within the Sierra Nevada. These two places are ideal for wintertime skiing and summer exploring. The city has a Mediterranean weather conditions with warm summers, averaging in the high 70's, and mild wintertimes, which average in the mid 50's.

Greater Sunnyvale is a urban hive of activity. There is a huge variety of theaters, concert halls, museums, art galleries and libraries, which makes it a perfect fit for those with an artistic mind. The city boasts more than forty five neighborhood and regional centers, comprising the unique Murphy Ave, that offers downtown shopping and fine dining within Sunnyvale's historic business district.

Sunnyvale's greatest asset might be it's convenient location because it is extremely near numerous educational institutions. Situated within minutes to just a few hours are numerous well-known universities, comprising San Jose State University, Stanford University, Santa Clara University, and the University of California. Also, there are some colleges that are only minutes away from the city, like for example Cogswell College, De Anza, Foothill, West Valley and Mission Community Colleges.

The city is famous for its high quality, efficient services. It has combined its police and fire functions all into one department - The Public Safety Department. This idea has been revolutionary and has provided an award winning record of efficiency and safety. Sunnydale is very proud of its dedication to their citizens. The city ensures that all public facilities, such as its full service library, are kept in good repair and are up to date. Sunnyvale also comprises eighteen award winning parks that are obtainable to the people.

In November 2009, for the first time in 30 years, numerous main streets downtown were opened to pedestrian and vehicle traffic as the main construction was finally done. During December of the very same year, the city began working on the exteriors of several of the buildings on Washington Ave. and McKinley Ave., and the two office towers on Mathilda. They likewise began to weatherize the partially-completed Redwood Square building.

Once Nokia signed a lease to make Sunnydale its Northern California headquarters during May the year 2010, the marketability of the project on the office tower at Washington Ave and Mathilda drastically increased. Various famous business leaders within the city are Network Appliance, Yahoo! and AMD.

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