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Lift Truck Chain Strathcona

Lift Truck Chain Strathcona - Strathcona is considered to be the oldest residential district within Vancouver, British Columbia. It is surrounded by Burrard Inlet towards the north, the Great Northern Railway and the Canadian National Railway, now referred to as the BNSF Railway classification yards towards the south, Chinatown to the west, and Clark Drive to the east.

Presently, more than 8,000 people reside in Strathcona. The district grew throughout the boom years of the city between the founding time of 1886 and 1920. This growth in population was partly due from the choice of early Vancouver as a railway terminus. The neighborhood emerged from the initial settlement that grew around Hastings Mill.

Strathcona has consistently been a working class neighborhood. The residents who call the area home come from many ethnic backgrounds. Where 61% of the people report Chinese as their first language, it is the only district where English is not the most usually spoken language, and only 24% report English as their first language.

There has been a major gentrification process within Strathcona over the recent years, reinforcing the economic disparity of the district. A lot of the residences within Strathcona are designated heritage houses as the late 19th and early 20th century architecture within the area is quite rare within Vancouver. Particularly, the housing stock is being rejuvenated and renovated. Hence, there has been an increase in property value and wealthier home owners are being drawn into the region. Many homeowners have renovated their residences in the original Victorian or Edwardian styles, including paying precise attention to the time period's "true colors".

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