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Lift Truck Chain Quebec City

Lift Truck Chain Quebec City - Quebec City, Quebec is the capital of the province of the same name. The current population in Quebec City was over 515,000 residents. The metropolitan area had a population of roughly 765,706 that made it the 2nd most densely inhabited city after the city of Montreal. Montreal is situated approximately 145 miles or 233 km to the southwest of the city.

The name "Quebec" originates from the Algonquin word Kebec, that means "where the river narrows." This word refers particularly to the narrowing of the Saint Lawrence River on Quebec's promontory. The promontory is Cap-Diamant and Levis on the opposite bank from Quebec. Samuel de Champlain established Quebec City during 1608, making it one of the oldest cities in North America. The only city walls which are fortified still exist within the Americas north of Mexico, are the ramparts surrounding Old Quebec or Vieux-Quebec. These walls were declared in the year 1985 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the "Historic District of Old Quebec."

According to the provincial and federal governments, the city's official name is the same in both French and English, although Quebec City is frequently used to help distinguish the city from the province. The Chateau Frontenac is the most famous attraction within Quebec City and is a hotel that dominates the skyline. The Museum of Civilization or the Musee de la civilization and the National Gallery of Quebec of the Musee national des beaux-arts du Quebec are both located near Vieux-Quebec.

Many of the jobs in Quebec City are based in the sectors of defense services, public administration, tourism, transport and commerce. Since Quebec City is the provincial capital, the city benefits from being a regional services and administrative center. The government of the province is the biggest employer within the city. As of the year 2007, roughly 27,900 individuals worked for them. The local hospital network CHUQ is the biggest institutional employer within Quebec City and in 2007 had more than 10,000 workers. The unemployment rate in Quebec City was well under the national averages of 7.3% and 6.6% in 2008 at 4.5%.

In Quebec City roughly 10 percent of the jobs are in manufacturing. The major manufacturers comprise paper and pulp, chemicals, wood and metal items, processed food, printed materials and electrical equipment and electronics.

A lot of major businesses have their company headquarters situated in the city. Some well-known businesses consist of: La Capitale, Industrial Alliance, Beenox Frima Studio, and Union Canadienne in the insurance sector, and Sarbakan within the computer games industry, in marketing and advertising SSQ and Promutuel and EXFO and Institut National d'Optique or INO in technology. In the financial sector, the Desjardins Group is the region's biggest employer. Overall, both of the defense and the security industries are really prominent within Quebec City. They have formed an industrial pole known as Technopole Defense and Security.

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