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Lift Truck Chain Elk Grove

Lift Truck Chain Elk Grove - Elk Grove is located within Sacramento County, only four miles south of the Sacramento city limits. San Francisco lies 92 miles to the west, and Los Angeles lies 379 miles south. To the east, roughly two hours away, is Lake Tahoe and three hours northeast is Reno, Nevada. The city itself is the second largest city in Sacramento County and hosts a population of more then 140,000 individuals. It is a culturally diverse, family-orientated community that provides a safe environment for kids. The average median income of more then 40,000 homes within Elk Grove is $82,000.

There is easy access to two major freeways, rail lines, the Sacramento International Airport, and two ports from Elk Grove. The city offers various restaurants and parks, as well as an award winning school district and a historical district. The school district is the fifth biggest within the state of California. Elk Grove, with its culturally diverse community, offers a wide selection of shops and services.

Elk Grove city was the very first city to incorporate in the state of California in the 21st century. During that time, Elk Grove has seen the growth of new businesses, residents, amenities, and employment opportunities. There is a locally-controlled police department and animal care service unit, in addition to an effective public transit system.

There are several benefits to locating a business within Elk Grove. There is a skilled, large labor force accessible, and a developing medical community and an abundance of well made office buildings. The short distance from the Elk Grove to Sacramento is also very convenient.

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