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Lift Truck Chain Saint John

Lift Truck Chain Saint John - The city of Saint John is the largest city in the Province of New Brunswick and is the oldest incorporated city in Canada. Saint John is known as the "Largest Little City in the East." It is believed that Samuel De Champlain and Sieur de Monts, French Explorers landed on the present "St. John River" on June 24, 1604. This day is significant since it is the feast day of St. John the Baptist. This prompted them to name the river to honor the saint. A significant historic landmark on the eastern side of Saint John Harbour is Portland Point (beside H.M.C.S. Brunswicker). This was where the first permanent French community within the part of Acadia or New Brunswick was created. During 1758, the British settled within the area and was replaced by American revolutionaries during the year 1775. Its divided communities became amalgamated as Saint John and became Canada's very first incorporated city.

The city of St. John offers a lot of recreational amenities for everybody, with many adult programs. Most of the general interest, arts and physical activity programs are handled by the Department of Recreation, who has designed a lot of programs in order to help enrich and enhance lifestyles. These programs consist of: Leisure Programs, Music Programs, Dance Programs, Arts & Crafts Programs, Fitness Programs, Yoga Programs, and Children's Programs, Belly Dancing Programs, Community Programs (Kilbride Community Centre and Shea Heights Community Center), Family Programs, Fitness Programs, Outdoor Pursuits (Outdoor courses consist of map & Compass, Orienteering, Archery, Outdoor/Wilderness Survival, Shelter/Hut Construction, Canoeing, Kayaking, Environmental Education, Hiking, Snowshoeing, and Cross-Country Skiing), R.E.A.L. Program, Racquet Sports, Special services-Inclusion Services and Senior's Programs.

There are likewise lots of sports and outdoor activities offered by the city of Saint John. Based on the needs of each group, each pursuit can be custom designed, with groups being able to choose from the following activities: Camping, Orienteering, Kayaking, Shelter Construction, Hiking Wilderness, Survival Map & Compass, Archery, Canoeing, Snowshoeing, Cross-Country Skiing, Fire Building, Environmental Education and Outdoor Cooking.

The city of St. John is considered an industrial giant within the Maritime Provinces of Canada. K.C. Irving, a popular industrialist during the 20th century, has built lots of industries within the city, such as transportation, media, forestry, shipbuilding, and oil industries. His companies still remain dominant within the region, specially the newsprint mill, tissue power plant, oil terminal and pulp mill. In addition to Irving's businesses, the other key companies in Saint John are the New Brunswick Power Corporation, that operates Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station, the Atlantic health Sciences Corporation and Aliant Telecom.

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