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Lift Truck Chain New Brunswick

Lift Truck Chain New Brunswick - The province of New Brunswick is 1 among the 3 Maritime Provinces on the eastern seaboard of Canada. It is the only province within the federation that is constitutionally bilingual with French and English languages. Fredericton is the capital city and the most populated city is Saint John. In 2009, Canadian Statistics projected the provincial population to be around 750,500, with most inhabitants English speaking. There is a thirty three percent huge Francophone minority within the region, largely of Acadian origin.

"New Brunswick" is a name that originated from Braunschweig or the German city of Brunswick. This city of Brunswick is situated in modern day Lower Saxony in northern Germany and former duchy of the same name. This city is the ancestral home of the Hanoverian King George III from Great Britain.

The urban regions of the province of New Brunswick have service-based, modern economies consisting of educational, financial, retail, health care and insurance sectors. These sectors are somewhat equitably distributed in all 3 of the main urban centers'. Furthermore, port facilities and heavy industry are situated within Saint John. The city of Fredericton on the other hand is mainly occupied with the government, military services and universities. The area surrounding Moncton City has the important rail facilities and air terminal, together with being known as a commercial, retail, distribution and transportation hub.

The province's rural economy is based mainly on mixed fishing, farming, forestry and mining businesses. Forestry is an essential economy in all regions of the province but is most famous within the heavily forested regions in the central part of the province of New Brunswick. There are many sawmills in the smaller towns. Huge pulp and paper mills are found in the cities of Saint John, Edmundston, Miramichi and Nackawic.

The mining in the province is heavily based in the heavy metals zinc and lead. These minerals are mined in the north of the province neighboring Bathurst. Sussex is home to amongst the world's largest potash deposits. There is a development of a 2nd potash mind within the Sussex region which is projected to be costing over a billion dollars. Oil deposits and natural gas are likewise being explored and developed in the Sussex area too.

The farming sector of the economy is located within the upper Saint John River Valley, which is an area within the northwest section of New Brunswick. Potatoes are the most valuable crop grown here. There are also dairy and mixed farms which are situated elsewhere, mainly within the southeast region of the province of New Brunswick, concentrated in the Kennebecasis and Petitcodiac river valleys. With regards to the fishing business, the most valuable catches comprise lobster, scallops and king crabs. An essential factor of the local fishing trade is the farming of Atlantic salmon within the Passamaquoddy Bay area.

There is a large tourism industry within Saint John from cruise ships. Among best tourist places within the province consist of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the New Brunswick Museum, Minister's Island, Hopewell Rocks, Kings Landing Historical Settlement, the Magnetic Hill Zoo, magic Mountain Water Park, Sackville Waterfowl Park, La Dune de Bouctouche, Les Jardins de la Republique, Crystal Palace, Village Historique Acadien, Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Preserve and Casino New Brunswick as well as the 25 mile or 41 km Fundy Hiking Trail.

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