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Lift Truck Chain Palmdale

Lift Truck Chain Palmdale - The city of Palmdale is located in the north-central part of Los Angeles County. The city was founded in 1962 and ever since then presently hosts a population of 152,622. Voters decided to make the city into a Charter City in November of the year 2009. The Gabriel Mountain Range separates Los Angeles from Palmdale.

Palmdale has been ranked one of the top 25 fastest growing cities within the state of California and is currently the sixth largest city in Los Angeles County. With its city limits stretching to 104.57 square miles, Palmdale is considered to be the largest "Desert City" as well as among the Top 100 biggest cities within the US. It is among the very few larger cities that are not served by a highway or interstate freeway.

Palmdale has for a long time considered itself the "Aerospace Capital of the United States." It is by far the most prosperous business in the area, though manufacturing plants are beginning to develop due to special tax breaks provided by the government as well as the nearness to the Palmdale Airport.

The main location of the Aerospace trade in the city is the USAF Plant 42, where all the development, final assembly, research, test flights, and servicing/modifications take place. The F-35 Lighting, B-2 Spirit, F-117 Nighthawk, Lockheed L-1011 Tristar, the Space Shuttle, SR-71 Blackbird, and X-15 are just among the planes that were developed at the centre. The research and completed products made here are utilized by airlines and air forces internationally along with NASA.

The major operations of Northrop Grumman, Boeing and Lockheed martin (Skunk Works) are located here within the city. The previous Boeing hanger at USAF Plant 42, amongst the biggest buildings in the globe, is owned by the Los Angeles World Airport.

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