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Lift Truck Chain Arkansas

Lift Truck Chain Arkansas - Lift Truck Chain Arkansas - Arkansas is a state located within the southern region of the United States. Its name is an Algonquian name of the Quapaw Indians. The state of Arkansas shares borders along with six states: Tennessee, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, and its eastern border is largely defined by the Mississippi River. Its diverse geography varies from the mountainous parts of the Ouachita Mountains and the Ozarks, that make up the U.S. Interior Highlands, to the eastern lowlands along the Mississippi River. The capital and most crowded city is Little Rock, located in the central part of Arkansas.

In 2010, the gross domestic product for the state was $103 billion. During the year 2004, the per capita household median income was $35,295, based on the Census Bureau of the US. Agricultural production in Arkansas comprises poultry and eggs, soybeans, sorghum, cattle, cotton, rice, milk and hogs. Its industrial outputs are food processing, electric equipment, machinery, fabricated metal products, paper products, bromine, and vanadium.

The states unemployment rate is 8.3%, as of August the year 2011.

The state of Arkansas is home to many international company head offices, such as Tyson Foods, Wal-Mart and J.B. Foods. This area of the state has experienced an economic boom ever since the 1970s as a result.

In the eastern areas of the state, automobile components manufacturers have opened factories in order to support their auto plants within various states.

Tourism is also really vital to the economy of Arkansas; the official state nickname "The Natural State" was first created for state tourism advertising in the 1970s, and is still regularly used to this day. has ranked the state of Arkansas as the 21st best for The Best States for Business, 9th for Business Cost, 40th for Labor, 17th for Economic Climate, 22nd for Regulatory Environment, 9th for Growth Prospects, 34th in Gross Domestic Product, and positive economic change of 3.8% or ranked 22nd.

Arkansas likewise ranks third in terms of channel catfish aquaculture, with around 19,200 acres (78 km2) under catfish farming during 2010. The peak of catfish farming within Arkansas was in the year 2002, when 38,000 acres (150 km2) were under farming. In 2007, the state's catfish producers generated sales of $71.5 million, 16% of the whole U.S. market. The state of Arkansas was the first state to develop commercial catfish farms during the late 1950s. The number of catfish farms within the state of Arkansas grew through the 1990s as farmers entered the catfish business as a way to provide additional earnings in a time of low prices for cotton and soybeans. Banks loaned money to be able to support what they think as a steady source of income.

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