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Lift Truck Chain Wichita

Lift Truck Chain Wichita - The city of Wichita, Kansas is actually the biggest city in the state with a population of around 382,360, based on the U.S. Census of 2010. Wichita is situated in the south central part of Kansas State. It is actually situated on the Arkansas River. The city of Wichita is the county seat of Sedgwick County. Furthermore, it is the principal city making up the Wichita metropolitan area, which had a population of approximately 630,720 during the year 2011.

During the Civil War, the area was initially inhabited by Wichita Indians. The region eventually attracted white inhabitants who lived beside the river junction and formed several trading posts. The region soon became a top stopping spot along the Chisholm Trail that was a well-known cattle-drive route. In the year 1872, the arrival of railroads brought more success and the city became a central site revolving around agriculture and cattle. During 1915, oil was discovered nearby, and during the 1920s, major aircraft manufacturing plants were established. These economic development spurts were synonymous with an explosion in the population of the region.

The city of Wichita is the cultural hub of the central plains area. Wichita has many galleries and art museums, in addition to a symphony orchestra. There are history, transportation and aviation museums to enjoy also. Situated 22 miles north of Wichita, the Kauffman Museum displays the history of the area and the local culture. It showcases the Mennonites immigration during the 1870s to Kansas State.

There is a fun living re-enactment of the Old West put on by the Old Cowtown Museum. Another well-known event every month of April is the 2 day Wichita Jazz Festival put on at several venues all around the city. This particular festival commemorates the site of well-known jazz musician Charlie Parker's first recording that took place in 1940. Each and every springtime there is a 9 day event called the yearly River Festival that is recognized for a great assortment of music, food and fireworks.

Within the neighboring Hutchinson, there is the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center which is an affiliate of the Smithsonian. They have and IMAX theatre as well as unique space artifacts from the Soviet and United States space programs. It is an interesting day trip to check out when visiting the region.

The main economic sector in the city is manufacturing, mostly aircraft manufacturing. Plenty of huge companies such as Boeing, Cessna, Bombardier, Airbus and Raytheon call the city of Wichita headquarters and home. High-technology industries, consumer goods and electronics are several of the other key economic segments that contribute to the city's economy.

The manufacturing sector in the city of Wichita makes things such as airplanes, industrial-commercial machinery, instrumentation and controls, fabricated metal products and outdoor recreational equipment and supplies. Chemicals, photographic equipment, household appliances, meat products, amusement rides and composite products are other manufacturing sectors that provide jobs.

The county is one of the top within regions for large concentration of manufacturing jobs and skilled labor. Additionally, the region has numerous firms utilizing high technology design. The second main economic element is healthcare and this provides a major employment sector for Wichita. Among the top businesses calling the city of Wichita home include Cargill Meat Solutions, Koch Industries, Chance Rides and Coleman Company.

Healthcare is the 2nd largest industry within the city, with almost 28,000 people employed in this sector of the city. This particular field was not forecasted to change in the early 2000s, due to the fact that health-care must remain rather consistent regardless of the economy and thus this sector was not subject to the same pressures that had an effect on other industries at that time.

During the year 2004, the Kansas Spine Hospital opened up as well as a critical care tower at Wesley Medical Centre. The largest provider of health care services within the state is Via Christi Health and during July 2010, they were ready to open up a hospital which will have the necessities to serve the northwest region of Wichita. Situated on St. Teresa, Via Christi Hospital would be the system's fifth hospital serving the community of Wichita.

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