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Lift Truck Chain Markham

Lift Truck Chain Markham - The Ontario city of Markam provides various attractions for its residents and its tourists. These attractions consist of the Heintzman House, Frederick Horseman Varley Art Gallery, Reesor farm Market, Markham Heritage Estates, Cathedral of the Transfiguration, Thornhill village, Main Street Unionville, Main Street Markham, First Markham Place and Market Village, Forsythe Farm, and Milne Dam Conservation Park. Main Street Unionville offers over 70 fashion boutiques and stores, fine dining restaurants, heritage festivals, outdoor summer concerts, and art galleries. Main Street Markham provides cultural and heritage festivals, pubs, restaurants, and farmers' market to local and tourists alike. First Markham Place and Market Village is located at the corner of Steeles Avenue and Kennedy Road, and it has two shopping complexes: the Pacific Mall and Market Village within Markham. Forsythe Farm shows what it is really like to live amidst a country home setting.

There are hundreds of malls in Markham, and amongst the most recognized ones are Market Village, Pacific Mall, and Markville Shopping Centre. There are even many Asian-oriented shopping centres within the region because of the large number of Asians within the area, mostly Chinese Canadian. The First Markham Place has many shops and restaurants that cater to everyone, and the Pacific Mall is popular amongst the Chinese, because it is a Chinese mall located on Kennedy Road and Steeles Avenue East. Aside from this, there is also the Market Village Mall and Splendid China Tower, which is considered to be the second largest shopping area in North America. It is preceded by the Golden Village in Richmond City, British Columbia. For individuals who would like to shop at smaller stores, they could go to The Shops on Steeles and 404, Thornhill Square, Peachtree Centre, Metro Square and new Kennedy Square.

Historically, the town of Markham was once more industrially-active compared to Toronto City during the 19th century. The community had created breweries, distilleries, and created products for international exports. Now, the area has numerous major businesses situated within its city limits. Businesses like Genesis Microchip, Apple Inc., Honeywell, Sun Microsystems, Lucent, Toshiba, IBM and Motorola are just some of the corporations which have made Markham City their permanent base for their businesses.

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