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Lift Truck Chain Akron

Lift Truck Chain Akron - Lift Truck Chain Akron - Ohio's 5th biggest city is Akron, with a population that is about 200,000. Akron City is located in the northeastern part of the state within the Great Lakes region and serves as the county seat of Summit County. The city sits along the Little Cuyahoga River around 60 km south of Lake Erie. Akron's economic base has transitioned from heavy manufacturing to high technology, financial and research trades.

Akron City was first established during the year 1825. Akron City saw much early growth, as it was positioned at the summit of the Ohio and Erie Canal. From 1860 to 1870, the thriving coal, railroad and manufacturing businesses resulted in another spurt in population growth.

When B.F. Goodrich, during 1969 started the first rubber company in Akron, the city saw its biggest expansion due to the burgeoning rubber industry as Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and General Tire soon followed. The city of Akron immediately became known as "The Rubber Capital of the World," and immigrants from Europe flocked there to look for work in the rubber factories. Akron's rubber business declined during the latter part of the 20th century, beat out by superior European radial tires. By the 1990's only Goodyear still remained in the city of Akron.

Akron's economy has diversified since that time. Now, there are now over 400 companies involved in the polymer business. The city of Akron is presently been called "The Polymer Valley" and is no longer the Rubber Capital. Aeronautics and motor vehicle production are other vital businesses. Businesses within Akron produce biomedical products, metals, chemicals and plastics. Significant companies include Newell Rubber Maid, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, L'Oreal Cosmetics, Spectrum Brands, First Energy, Lockheed-Martin, Includis Manufacturing Software and RJS Manufacturing.

There are positions for people with college and university degrees, like for example registered nurses, teachers, manufacturing and wholesale sales representatives, mechanical engineers, management analysts, industrial engineers, computer applications software engineers, network and computer systems administrators and financial managers.

The city of Akron could attract top-notch performances with its three performance halls. The largest of these Halls is the E.J. Thomas Hall, which can seat roughly 2,950 divided amongst three tiers. Due to the an adjustable counter-weighted ceiling that alters the physical dimensions of the hall giving the hall fine acoustics. Each year 400,000 visitors come to Akron City so as to see comedies, Broadway musicals, ballets, lectures, and other types of entertainment. Musical events are provided by Tuesday Musical Club, Akron Symphony Orchestra and Children's Concert Society.

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