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Lift Truck Chain Vancouver

Lift Truck Chain Vancouver - Vancouver, Washington is situated on the banks of the Columbia River. Vancouver serves as the seat of Clark County. It is part of the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area, the 23rd-largest metropolitan area in the United States. It is the 4th largest city in Washington State.

Vancouver is named after an officer of the British Royal Navy, Captain George Vancouver. The city of Vancouver has the same name as the city of Vancouver in Canada, which lies 491 km to the north within the province of British Columbia. The city of Vancouver, Washington, was incorporated during 1857, and the city of Vancouver, B.C. was incorporated 29 later. The city in America is the former site of the historic Fort Vancouver trading post. Because of frequent confusion between the two cities, officials of Vancouver have suggested changing the name back to Fort Vancouver. Other recommendations include calling it Old Vancouver, due to the fact that the US city was incorporated first, or Vancouver USA. Many Pacific Northwest inhabitants call their city as "Vancouver USA" or "Vancouver, Washington". Local nicknames consist of "The Couve" and "Vantucky".

The Vancouver area was initially settled by the Chinook people, who had a salmon- and trade-based economy. The Hudson's Bay Company encouraged trade in timber and fur industry. Inhabitants established agriculture within the area, and ultimately a healthy market in strawberries, prunes and apples developed. The town was dependent on ferry transportation because it was bypassed by the railroad during the late 1800s. The city developed around Washington Street where ferries arrived. Early developments consisted of a huge spruce mill. By the year 1908 a railroad swing bridge was built across the Columbia. This allowed the development of the Standifer Shipyard, which prospered in World War I. During the 1940s, the building of the Interstate bridge and the Bonneville Dam helped spark an industrial boom, including a shipyard and paper mill.

Heavy industry declined in the area as soon as logging had depleted the old growth forests and high tech firms and service businesses started to became significant sources of work within Vancouver. Vancouver is the home of The Holland and Nautilius, Inc. Numerous folks prefer to reside within the city and commute to Portland for work. Nearness to Portland City makes Vancouver a great community for retirees, who also like the fact that there is no state income tax within the state of Washington. Downtown Vancouver has numerous independent, small businesses.

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