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Lift Truck Chain Nova Scotia

Lift Truck Chain Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia is among Canada's 3 Maritime Provinces and is the most heavily populated province in Atlantic Canada. In Latin, the name "Nova Scotia" translates to "New Scotland," though it remains the officially recognized English-language name of the province. The provincial capital city is Halifax. The province of Nova Scotia has an area of 21,300 square miles or 55,284 square kilometers and this makes it the 2nd smallest province in Canada. According to the 2009 census, the population was 946,297 making Nova Scotia the 2nd most densely inhabited province in the nation.

Prior to European settlement in the area, the Mi'kmaq peoples were already thriving in the area. Colonists from France established the very first permanent establishment north of Florida in the year 1604. The province of Nova Scotia was among the 4 founding provinces of the Canadian Confederation in 1867.

A lot of tourist bureaus have portrayed the province of Nova Scotia as a province with a traditions that are primitive, unspoiled and rustic from the modernization process. Scottish culture is likewise highlighted as part of the province as well. The biggest self-identified ethnic group in the province of Nova Scotia after Canadian is people with Scottish ancestry. During 2011, that population was 29.3%.

Usually, the province of Nova Scotia enjoyed a resource based economy. This has diversified in recent decades. Nova Scotia emerged as a viable jurisdiction within North America driven by their ability of natural resources like the fish stocks situated off of the Scotian shelf. Ever since its development as part of the economy of New France during the 17th century, the fishery was a pillar of the economy. Because of overfishing during the 20th century on the other hand, the fishery suffered a sharp decline. There were about 20,000 jobs lost during the year 1992 because of the closure of this sector and the collapse of the cod stocks.

Due in part to a strong small-business sector; the province of Nova Scotia has one ofamong the biggest growing economies in the country. One more major sector is the mining division. Amongst the minerals mined comprise salt, gypsum, peat, barite and silica. Offshore oil and gas has emerged as an increasingly important part of the economy ever since nineteen ninety one. One more vital staple is agriculture. The central section of the province of Nova Scotia has lumber and paper companies that are responsible for numerous job opportunities within those areas.

There are more than 6,500 direct businesses within the province of Nova Scotia which are associated to the tourism business. These businessescompanies support roughly 40,000 jobs. About 200,000 passengers from cruise ships flow through the Port of Halifax on an annual basis. These ships travel to Nova Scotia from all parts of the world and contribute around $1.3 billion to the economy annually.

The tourism in the region showcases the culture found in Nova Scotia. For instance, there are centres which tell the stories of the numerous internationally renowned musicians who come from the province such as Rita MacNeil's Tea Room in Big Pond, the Hank Snow Home Town Museum in Liverpool, and within Springhill, there is the Anne Murray Centre.

The province also has an abundance of museums and centres which reflect various communities which add to the culture of the province. There is the Glace Bay Miners Museum, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, the Grand-Pre National Historic Site, Glooscap Heritage Centre and the Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia to mention some.

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