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Lift Truck Chain Lowell

Lift Truck Chain Lowell - Lowell, Massachusetts is located within the county of Middlesex. Presently, the population of Lowell City is just more than 105,000 people based on the most recent census numbers. The city of Lowell is the 4th largest city within the state of Massachusetts. It is recognized as being the birthplace of the industrial revolution in the United States. Many of the historic sites in Lowell have been preserved by the National Park Service. Both Cambridge and Lowell are the county seats of Middlesex County.

The township of Lowell was initially established during the early 1820s. It was incorporated as a town during 1826 and in the year 1836 was incorporated as a city. The region was based on the vision of a planned industrial community that was built around the natural power that came from the Merrimack River.

The name of Lowell actually comes from a prominent industrialist during that time named Francis Cabot Lowell. He played a big role in developing the canal and power system in the area. He was likewise significant in the huge mill complex that grew around the city of Lowell, eventually making Lowell among New England's largest cities and among the largest industrial centers in the United states.

During the 19th century, the industrial boom helped to bring much economic change in Lowell which lasted well into the 20th century. During the 1980's, Lowell was at the forefront of the technological boom. A lot of businesses started making plastics, minicomputers, along with computer workstations. The city gained prominence becoming the home and global headquarters of Wang Laboratories, which was among the key players of the minicomputer business.

Because of the arrival of personal computers and microprocessors, the market changed greatly during the 1990s. The city of Lowell saw a decline during that decade and an increased decline in its economic power. Currently, the city is enjoying an upswing once more. It is fueled by a revival of the technology in the area, together with the growth of new service businesses. These new revitalizations to the economy in the city have brought a fresh new depth to the city's culture, along with more ethnicity.

The service sector of the city has shown through statistics to support approximately 25 percent of the city's workers. Popular industries comprise: tourism, trade, research, electronics, transportation and healthcare. In addition, Lowell has a diversified industrial sector with many small businesses.

The manufacturing sector in Lowell comprises the manufacturing of things such as textiles, threads, textile machinery and yarns, electronic publishing and printing, and computer hardware and software. Lowell is home to certain well known companies such as Raytheon, NYNEX, M/A Com and Coca-Cola.

The Merrimack Repertory Theatre is an award-winning theatre company which offers a huge variety of dramatic productions for theatre fans to enjoy. Every month of July, a famous 3 day event referred to as the Lowell Folk Festival takes place. This is the largest festival of its kind. Drawing thousands of individuals to celebrate traditional music and folk entertainment, it is the best cultural event in the city. There are 6 outdoor stages with a lot of fantastic entertainment. The Boarding House Park's Summer Music Festival is a different concert event held one summer evening. It features a huge mix of entertainment such as folk pop, contemporary bluegrass, big band and Irish music.

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