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Lift Truck Chain Calgary

Lift Truck Chain Calgary - Lift Truck Chain Calgary - In Alberta Province, Calgary is the largest city. The city is situated about eighty kms east of the Rocky Mountains within the south of the province. The city of Calgary is considered a metropolitan city with a rich conventional culture of hockey, football, hotel saloons, night clubs and bars. It has likewise been called "Nashville of the North" due to its passion for country music. Calgary city is even home to a diverse scene of musical genres, like for instance hip-hop, electronic, blues, jazz, punk, indie, rock, pop, metal and folk music. Because of its ethnically diverse communities, anybody can expect multicultural assets all-around the region. It might come to no surprise that the city has amongst the biggest Chinatowns and "Little Italy" within the country at present. Its most diverse area within Calgary city is Forest Lawn and 17 Avenue SE , also called International Avenue.

There are a number of major festivals and events within the city. The most popular ones are the Calgary International Film Festival (film festival held yearly in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for ten days in late September and early October), FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival, Greek Festival (attendees can sample Greek music, cuisine, and dance, typically performed in traditional dress), Wordfest Banff-Calgary International Writers Festival, the Calgary Fringe Festival (theatre performances, street performances, visual arts display, film festivals, and some live music), Expo Latino (annual festival, normally held towards the end of August in celebration of the Latino culture), Calgary Folk Music Festival, Summerstock (high school and young post-secondary students from across Canada perform a play in Olympic Plaza), and Calgary Gay Pride.

Those seeking some type of relaxation could visit the various parks and natural areas accessible within Calgary. Among the Downtown Parks include: Beaulieu Gardens, Central Memorial Park, Connaught Park, Eau Claire and Century Gardens. Parks in northwest consist of: 12 Mile Coulee, Baker Park, Bowness Park and Bowmont Park; Southwest parks include: Clearwater park, Battalion Park, Douglas Fir Trail, and Edworthy Park; parks in southeast include: Carburn Park, Beaverdam Flats, Centenary Park, and Elliston Park; North East Parks include: Bottomlands Park, Laycock park and Big Marlborough Park.

Gas and oil are the biggest contributors to Calgary's GDP, as the city is home to large oil companies, comprising BP, EnCana, Imperial Oil, Suncor Energy, TransCanada and Shell Canada. Various big businesses situated in Calgary are Shaw Communications, NOVA Chemicals, Telus, Nexen, CNRL, Shell Canada, and Dow Chemical Canada.

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