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Lift Truck Chain Saguenay

Lift Truck Chain Saguenay - The city of Saguenay, Quebec is located nearly 120 miles or 200 km north of Quebec City. Saguenay is located on the Saguenay River within the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. Saguenay's geographical code is 941 and the city constitutes a territory equivalent or TE to a regional county municipality. Along with Le Fjord-du-Saguenay, one more regional county municipality, it forms the census division or also known as CD of Le Saguenay-et-son-Fjord. The city is the seat of judicial district of Chicoutimi.

Prior to its use as the city's name, the term "Saguenay Valley" or "the Saguenay" had already been utilized for the entire region of the Saguenay River.

Situated in a depression in the Canadian Shield, Saguenay has a more temperate climate than the nearby region. This has allowed for human settlement and agriculture to take place. The specifically small and concentrated Lac St-Jean region where Saguenay is situated has been described as an isolated "oasis" in the middle of the far-off wilderness of the vast region including Northern Quebec.

Not a lot of roads connect the area from the south and the east and there is only one connecting road from the Northwest. There are no roads which go north from the area into the wilderness. The last roads within the northern direction end just a short distance from the city of Saguenay and are still considered within the Lac St-Jean area. Other than a few remote Inuit and Cree villages, there are no other human settlements due north of the city all the way to the Canadian Arctic islands.

The economy of Saguenay is presently in transition. Some of the mainstays are teaching and developing research in applied technologies for aluminum, energy, Biomedical Sciences, boreal forest and genomics. The economy additionally depends on the exploitation of water resources. Saguenay has 3 hydroelectric power stations, one operating in Pont-Arnaud, one within Chute-Garneau since the spring of 2011 and one operating in the borough of Jonquiere.

There are 3 expansive industrial parks which total about 8,496,138 square meters of commercial facilities. There are 2 power centers, 5 shopping areas and city centers, 6 shopping centers and 5 major commercial arteries.

The corporation Rio Tinto Alcan confirmed a massive investment during December 2010, to upgrade its plant. This plant will now manufacture more than 40 percent more aluminum. The first ingots are scheduled to be cast in the first quarter of 2013. The initial stage is slated to have 38 tanks equipped with new technology and an estimated production of 60,000 tons of aluminum on an annual basis.

In 2009, the ISQ or also referred to as Institute of Statistics of Quebec showed a per capita personal income of $31,677 versus $31,344 over 2008 numbers, which is a variation of 1.1%. The data of 2010 also showed that the GDP of the Saguenay CMA in 2009 added up to a sum of 6 billion as opposed to 9.1 billion to the GDP of the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean.

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