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Lift Truck Chain Trois-Rivieres

Lift Truck Chain Trois-Rivieres - The city of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec is situated in the Mauricie region of the province. Trois-Rivieres could be found at the confluence of the Saint-Maurice and saint Lawrence Rivers. The city is situated within the Mauricie administrative region on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River. It lies across from Becancour.

The city of Trois-Rivieres is an area considered to be part of the densely inhabited Quebec City-Windsor Corridor. This stretches approximately halfway between Quebec City and Montreal. The City of Trois-Rivieres was established on the 4th of July, the year 1634 and was the 2nd permanent settlement in New France, after Quebec City was established during 1608. The city of Trois-Rivieres forms the cultural and economic center of the Mauricie area.

Trois-Rivieres is French for three rivers. The city's name is derived from the fact that the Saint Maurice River is separated by 2 small islands at the opening of the river and has 3 mouths at the Saint Lawrence River. Originally, Trois-Rivieres was called in English as Three Rivers. In recent decades, the name has been accustomed to be Trois-Rivieres in both French and English. The Anglicized version of the name still is found in numerous places all around town, bearing witness to the influence of English settlers in the region. "Trifluviens" is the name given to the town's residents.

The region was the summer site for the Algonquins and Abenakis for lots of years before European settlement. Jacques Cartier, the French explorer described the site in the year 1535 upon his second journey to the New World. It was Captain Dupont-Grave who actually utilized the name "Trois-Rivieres during 1599 and in 1601, the name first appeared on the maps of the region.

The city had its very first foundry established during 1738 and it is the oldest industrial city in the country. For 150 years, the forge produced iron; a lot of it was to be utilized in Royal Navy ships and was shipped to iron. During the year 1818, the very first port facility was built near rue Saint-Antoine, and currently handles 2.5 million tons of cargo every year. During the year 1879, the very first railway was built in order to support the region's growing lumber industry.

In an attempt to revitalize the area, the city of Trois-Rivieres has established several new technology parks. The city of Trois-Rivieres is taking advantage of its central location to both Montreal and the city of Quebec, along with its port and university. Marmen Incorporated is an example of the new economy. They employ 1000 individuals between operations in Trois-Rivieres and Matane and are responsible for manufacturing wind turbine towers.

The main businesses in Trois-Rivieres comprise metal transformation, electronics, the production of food crops, cabinet making and thermoplastics. Adjoining the Trois-Rivieres Airport is an industrial park that serves as major centre for the aeronautical business.

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