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IC Lift Trucks
The IC forklift belongs within the class V and IV forklift classification. They can be diesel, liquid propane or gas units. Primarily, the ICE or also referred to as internal combustion engine models are used outside, since they emit some emissions and can operate in rough conditions. However, propane-powered units, can be used indoors so long as proper ventilation is used. It is better to know what particular requirements you have to utilize the forklift for and what kinds of environments you would be operating in, in order to make sure that you choose the best model to suit all your requirements.

Internal Combustion Engine Benefits
Several of the benefits of ICE consist of a lower initial purchase price, compared to a similar capacity electric truck. This could range anywhere from 20% to 40% lower. The ICE units are very fast and simple to refuel. This feature really reduces downtime since there is no requirement to recharge any batteries, as there is with electric models.

To the similarly equipped electric truck, internal combustion models do provide a higher performance capabilities with far heavier lift capacities compared to electric lift truck units. Over recent years, there have been numerous advancements regarding emissions technology and this has resulted in lower total emission levels. ICE trucks remain popular with load sizes about 8,000 pounds and even a lot higher in specific applications like lumberyard settings, steel manufacturing facilities and ports.

ICE Drawbacks
There are several drawbacks to the Internal Combustion Engine units. Like for example, they use a higher cost-per-hour to operate as compared to electric trucks. This is mainly due to maintenance costs and fuel. Furthermore, these units normally create more noise compared to the electric units since they run louder. Internal Combustion Engine trucks also have fuel-storage requirements to take into consideration too.

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